Art on the Prom will take place on Felixstowe’s sea front on Sunday September 2nd 2018.

All stalls are now taken for this year's event, but you can add your name to the waiting list by applying through the Take Part page. Stalls (7m/two fences) will cost £65. This year there is the option to book a half stall (3.5m/one fence) at the cost of £35.

Art on the Prom is a free community event organised by a small group of volunteers. We are grateful to them and our sponsors for their backing.

If you would like to be part of the great team that helps to make this event such a success, please contact us at or via the details on the Contact Us tab.

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Privacy Statement

I understand the following:-

  • You (Art on the Prom) will hold the personal details I give you safely and securely and will not share them without my permission
  • You will use my data to administer the allocation of stalls at Art on the Prom and to contact me about Art on the Prom or related matters
  • I have the right to request to see what information you hold about me, to rectify it and to ask to be deleted from your records
  • Unless I request otherwise you will hold my data for up to 15 months from the time I give it to you so that you can contact me about the following year’s Art on the Prom
  • My details will be deleted after 15 months and I will need to give my consent again if I reapply to Art on the Prom